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Spencer Montgomery, who has been a firefighter for over 10 years, founded Wildfire Property Protection Ltd in 2019. During his time as a firefighter he got involved with the FireSmart program and started information session for the County of Grande Prairie. Through his interest in the program he began to realize that there was a lack of companies that were certified to provide FireSmart home services to communities. So Wildfire Property Protection Ltd. was formed to help educated and facilitate the work needed to make more fire resilient properties in the British Columbia and Alberta.

The Wildfire Property Protection team is passionate about creating more fire resilient communities. We believe that through educating clients about wildfire hazards around their homes and business we can help create more wildfire resilient communities. Not only is our team certified to conduct the FireSmart Home Ignition Risk Assessments we are able to help get the work done to lower your risk. With a large variety of services we can provide, we want to make your home or business safe for you!

Wildfire Property Protection operates out of both the Okanagan and Grande Prairie. We strive to work with home and business owners to help make our communities more resilient in the event of a wildfire.

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