About Us

Wildfire Property Protection Ltd. was started by firefighter Spencer Montgomery, who has been fighting fires for over 10 years. He has fought a wide range of fires, with multiple deployments to wildland urban interface fires (where the forest and buildings intermix or meet). While fighting these fires, a clear need for a company that educates home and business owners on the hazards of living in the wildland urban interface, was apparent.

Spencer has always been passionate about fighting fires and fire protection, a feeling shared by his team. This has led to us wanting to educate clients while assessing the hazards of their home or business. Combined with their landscaping experience, the focus is not always on just cleaning things up; but making it look good too. With a large list of services we can provide, we want to make your home or business safe for you!

We are located in Kelowna British Colombia and service the Okanagan valley. We strive to do a clean and professional job that leaves you happy.