Services Provided

Initial Property Risk Assessment 

We start with a home visit and walk around your property. We encourage the owner to participate for educational reasons, but this can be done with only the assessor at the property as well. We score the structure that is needing protection using firemsmart principles and training from National Fire Protection Association.

Once the assessment is completed and the hazards have been identified, we do a Wildfire Mitigation Plan. Using landscape design programs to give a clear idea of what needs to be done to protect your home.

Wildfire Mitigation Plan

A wildfire mitigation plan will highlight the hazards on your property and provide a solution. Whether your property only needs small changes like covering attic vents with wire mesh to stop embers from flying in, or if it needs larger mitigation efforts like removing a tree or shrubs. You will have a detailed plan to follow and help you along the way in being wildfire safe.

We work with our clients in coming up with a plan that will leave the home and yard beautiful and safe. We want you to enjoy and love your home. If you are currently happy with the aesthetics of your property, we will take this into account and make as small of changes as possible.

If you are wanting a complete face lift or starting with a clean slate we can help you design something that will be usable, enjoyable, and safe for years to come.

Wildfire Mitigation

We provide a free quote with every Property risk assessment and Wildfire Mitigation Plan. If you don't have the proper tools, training, time or know how to complete your Wildfire Mitigation Plan - we do! We would be happy to help you.

List of Services

  • Wildfire Mitigation Plan

  • Wildfire property risk inspection

  • Cleaning off your roof of debris

  • Cutting down trees

  • Removal of dead trees and debris

  • Removing mulch that is too close to the home and replacing with decorative gravel

  • Installing wildfire sprinklers

  • Covering attic vents with mesh

  • Mowing grass, and proper yard maintenance

  • Fire Retardant Application

  • & More! Contact us today to see how we can help you!