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What is FireSmart?

FireSmart is the Canadian standard for home wildfire preparedness. FireSmart practices are based on scientific evidence. At risk homes during a wildfire with zero FireSmart preparedness have a 5% - 10% chance of escaping damages. With treatment the same home can have up to a 90% survival rate. 

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How do I know if my home is at risk?

If you live in a wildland urban interface (where the forest and people meet) your home is potentially at risk of being damaged in the event of a wildfire. If this sounds like your property, or if you are at all concerned; ask a professional at your local fire department or contact us today and we would be happy conduct a FireSmart Home Ignition Assessment to determine whether or not your home is at risk in the event of a wildfire. 

Do I get any kind of incentive out of protecting my home?

Yes you do! Some insurance companies offer discounted home insurance rates for homeowners who have a FireSmart wildfire mitigation plan completed on there home.
Also some regional districts and municipalities offer FireSmart grants for having a professional like Wildfire Property Protection come in and help reduce your FireSmart Home Ignition Score.

How much do your services cost?

Every property is unique and requires an in person quote to get a cost. Some properties require more extensive work than others depending on what you and one of our team members have discussed. Contact us today to set up a free quote with one of our team members!

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