Answers To Your Fire-Related Questions

What is firesmart?

Firesmart is the Canadian standard for home preparation for wildfire dangers. A home with zero treatment has a 5% - 10% chance of wildfire survival. With treatment it can have a survival rate of 90%. Visit www.firesmartcanada.ca or www.firesmartbc.ca to learn more.

How do I know if my home is at risk of wildfire?

If you live in Western Canada and live out of the city, on the outskirts of the city, or even IN the city, you could be living in a wildland urban interface environment. By definition wildland urban interface is where the forest and people meet. If this sounds like your property, or if you are at all concerned; ask a professional at your local fire department or contact us today and we would be happy to inform you. 

How do wildfires destroy homes?

Wildfires can ignite a property in multiple ways. From the radiant heat of a forest that is too close to your back door. If trees, shrubs or other vegetation is in contact with your house, this can create a fire hazard in the event of a wildfire. In larger wildfire events, embers and burnt pine cones can be picked up and thrown up to 2 km's ahead of the fire, creating a spot fire. If these embers fall on your property with no treatment, it can create a path of fuel that will reach your property without the head of the fire ever being close to your house. 

Do I get any kind of incentive out of protecting my home?

Yes you do! Depending on your insurance provider you can be eligible for a home insurance reduction. There is also multiple grants available for home owners to fire smart their properties. Contact us today to ask more about saving you money on your home insurance.

How much will protecting my home cost me?

Every property is unique in what it will need to be protected. It could just need a simple inspection from one of our certified professionals to gain a certificate of wildfire mitigation, or it could take days to clean up brush, remove hazardous trees and install sprinklers. Contact us today to find out more!